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A place for good news only! Inspired by the Community Cheer series written by Jamie Verwys. 

Share anything happy that's happened to you here: a new member of your family, goals you've reached, or anything you see around your community that makes you smile. 


Profile Image: Laurie Cirrincione poses outside her home in Green Valley. Her backyard, and the birds that visit, are frequent subjects in her “blips.”



Finding the good in 2020: Steve Ware

Quail Creek resident Steve Ware said 2020 was an important chapter in his “God story.”

Steve and his wife, Barbara, were living in Oregon in 2017. Steve was an avid pickleball player and his passion for the sport would ultimately help save his life.

“I was playing pickleball with a good friend and he says, ‘Hey, guess what, I’m selling my house and moving to my second home in Quail Creek,” he said. “He said, ‘We have 16 pickleball courts,' and it intrigued me.”

Steve also competes in air rifle competitions and discovered the Quail Creek Air Gun Club. He runs the website for the United States Air Rifle Benchrest Association, a national air rifle organization.

“I got an email in 2018 from the president of the club here saying they wanted to sanction the club with the organization so I turned to Barb and said, 'They have pickleball and air rifle in Quail Creek,’’' he said. “Politically, the area matches our philosophies so we came down here and found a lot in Quail Creek and bought it.”

They moved into their new home in July 2019.

Steve is a Vietnam veteran and set up a pre-admission physical at the Tucson VA; he learned he had stage 2B lung cancer.

In May, “Teddy the tumor” was successfully removed.

“I went through 33 radiations and seven chemos,” he said. “I went through all that and had no side effects.”

While Steve said he knows there are many people who consider 2020... (More)


Finding the good in 2020: James Briseno

For James Briseno, 2020 was an experience he will never forget, full of loss and happiness.

James' year began with a vacation to San Francisco, but the spread of the virus would soon bring personal and professional challenges.

“The expansion of my job was expected to flourish and expand,” he said. “We had heard of COVID-19 months prior but really did not pay it any thought. Little did we know it would change our lives and set the tone for the year.”

James is a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Services Prison and Jail Liaison and said in-person meetings are crucial to his job where he conducts assessments and coordinates care. Moving everything virtual was a challenge, but he considers the ability to adjust a success.

“No more morning coffee sessions, lunch outings, weekly and monthly meetings — adapt and overcome was the method and just making it happen has worked,” he said.

James’s year included a number of deaths. In March, his stepson died in an in-custody death with the Tucson Police Department, four of his past coworkers with the Arizona Department of Corrections passed away from non-COVID-19 related causes and a childhood friend died of COVID-19 in Florida. Two of his dogs also passed within three months of each other.

People at his wife’s work got COVID-19 and his daughter-in-law contracted the virus, which “affected her in a very overwhelming manner.”

“As the year progressed with COVID-19, I felt the walls closing in due to it reaching the door... (More)


Tell me your good news today!

Hey Naburs, 

I'm working on my next edition of Community Cheer for our Sunday paper and I'm looking for one more piece of good news to share. 

Have you started a new hobby, new business, new family? Did a neighbor go out of their way to help you? Did you complete a project or reach a goal? 

Whatever your good news is, I would love to hear it!

If you would like to participate, please email me at or comment below. I would just need to ask you a few questions as well as have you send in a photo of yourself. You can see the below posts for examples of Community Cheer entries.  


Finding the good in 2020: Alisha Parillo

Rancho Sahuarita resident Alisha Parillo had multiple life milestones in 2020.

Alisha got married, gave birth to her first child and bought her first home. None of those moments looked quite like she imagined they would, but she said the year brought her many joys.

Alisha and her husband, Peter, got engaged in 2018 on a beach in San Diego. They had plans for a large wedding in November 2020, but the pandemic pushed it back.

“It was a wedding with more than 200 guests and it was obviously not ideal to do that, so we were going to postpone it to next year sometime,” she said. “Well, I was really looking forward to it and we both decided that a pandemic can stop a lot of things but not our love and commitment to each other. We downsized the wedding from 200 guests to just our very closest family and friends.”

They had a smaller outdoor wedding in August.

“Everyone was able to maintain distance if they wanted,” she said. “It was small, intimate and actually a lot more fun.”

Alisha and Peter also had their son, Luca, earlier this year and she said having a baby during a pandemic wasn't easy. Peter was not allowed in to any appointments, and induction day was his first time being involved in the medical side of things.

“It was very strict at the beginning of all of this. No FaceTime, photos, no phones,” she said. “It’s his first child and he... (More)