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Reader Question: Why is it so difficult to get large sit-down chain restaurants in the area?

We're answering community questions from readers collected from our Community Conversation Survey!

One reader asked ''Why is it so difficult to get some large sit-down chain restaurants in our area?''

Answer: The major reasons why Green Valley and Sahuarita have issues drawing large sit-down restaurant chains boils down to population size, proximity of their other restaurants and issues with zoning and property laws.

"The area getting new, non-fast-food restaurants will depend on restaurateurs deciding to establish their businesses here,'' according to Town of Sahuarita Communications Coordinator Mark Febbo. ''With the growth of our population, we are hopeful that it will be only a matter of time before we see some new restaurants popping up.''

Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce President Randy Graf believes that large sit-down chain restaurateurs primarily look to open business in markets with larger populations that aren't in proximity of their other restaurants.

''I know this is a common question and I don't know that I have an exact answer," Graf said. ''Many of these national retailers and chain restaurants look for a minimum population size and then match that up with the proximity of their other stores. I am guessing if they have a store 15 or 20 minutes up the road on Valencia or Irvington, it will draw many of these customers who would like them to be here."

Graf went on to point out two other issues that specifically hinder large sit-down chain restaurants from setting up shop in Green Valley.

''Another issue... (More)


Reader Question: I want to donate my time and services wherever they'll do the most good. What is the greatest need in our community?

We're answering community questions from readers collected from our Community Conversation Survey!

Today’s question is: “I want to donate my time and services. What is the greatest need in our community?”

Answer: Based on my research of volunteer services in the area, three major needs of the community revolve around hunger, senior care, and animal rescue services.

The one-stop place for finding volunteer opportunities in the area is the Green Valley/Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse. They offer volunteer resources in the areas of animal services, arts and culture, community, education, environmental issues and gardening, food banks, health and wellness, hospices, human services, youth opportunities and public safety.

Here is some additional information on a few local community resources that may be looking for volunteers as well:

  • Sahuarita Food Bank and Community Resource Center

The Sahuarita Food Bank offers several types of volunteer opportunities catered toward every volunteer’s skills and talents. The organization aims to meet the nutritional concerns of people in need, educates on the causes of hunger, specializes in workforce development and various human services.

  • The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona provides food for the hungry and has volunteer opportunities in various programs and initiatives.

  • Posada Life Community Services

Posada Life Community Services offers volunteer opportunities in various categories based around the wants and needs of each volunteer. Volunteering can be scheduled on a regular basis, you can help with special events, or volunteer on an “on-call” basis. The organization connects... (More)


Got this question from a reader this morning:


What is going on with the repaving projects in Green Valley? About 3/4 of a mile of La  Canada was resurfaced, then some patching. Nothing more. It seems that we have been shorted again.


I checked with Pima County and rec'd this reply: 

There are two separate PCI ratings (Pavement Condition Index — how good or bad the road is) for LaCanada from Esperanza to Continental. From Esperanza to Apiro (.49 miles), the original PCI was bad enough where it warranted repaving in the first round of PAYGO.  From Apiro to Continental, the PCI is a 58, so didn’t make the cut and it will not be repaved in FY21-22.  The cracks were filled though, a couple of months ago.



Maybe I missed the article, but I am curious as to all the land movement seen on the east side of I-19 next to the new Northwest Hospital. Any idea what plans are for that property?