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A place for updates on the pandemic.

Wear a mask everyone!

Banner Photo: Chairman Ramon Valazez, left, and Clerk of the Board Julie Castaneda listen to seven people who spoke before the emergency meeting on Dec. 4, 2020. 

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Guide to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine released a great guide to Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine. Here's a short summary: 

Dose amount: 1 dose

Efficacy: Overall, 66.1% efficacy in preventing moderate to severe COVID-19 in adults 28 days or more after vaccination. Slightly higher in the U.S. population (72% efficacy in preventing moderate to severe COVID-19 and 85.9% efficacy in preventing severe or critical COVID-19).

Safety: No serious safety concerns reported. There were temporary side effects reported. 

By comparison, the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 after two doses, and the Moderna vaccine was 94.1% effective after the second dose.

The J&J vaccine will mean more people can get the vaccine faster because they only need one dose and it is easier to store, so there's less of a chance the vaccine will go bad. There's also an increased dose availability after the FDA approves it. 

Do you think you'll get the J&J vaccine given the chance? 

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Yet another vaccine screw-up

I was pleased that you printed "2nd dose info" in Wednesday's paper, and that you made it clear that failure to deal with multiple people in one registration was, indeed, just another glitch in the computer program. It would be great to be able to call the GV Council, to add my husband's name to my registration - if one could actually call the magical GVC number, but, since 8:01am yesterday, the call receiver has been "unavailable" and his/her message box "unable to accept more calls." It's hard to imagine that they would have assumed one person at one extension could possibly handle the predictable onslaught of callers - but it appears they did exactly that! I fear we'll have to show up at my existing appointment together - but unannounced - and hope for the best. What a sorry mess this has all been!

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Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Hi everyone,

Here's an article on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that came out in today's paper. Many people have looked forward to the third vaccine getting approval, and it does offer some advantages. But don't expect J&J to hit vaccination centers in large quantities just yet.

J&J plans to ship out 20 million doses nationwide by the end of the month. That doesn't leave much at the local level. But it's not all bad news. The company plans to get 100 million doses shipped out by the end of June. 

The J&J vaccine has a lower efficacy rate than Moderna and Pfizer, but it's a single-dose shot and doesn't require extreme cold storage temperatures. Are people here looking forward to a single-dose shot despite the lower efficacy?


Here's a link to the story on J&J.

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I'm angry.

So, now we know. . '. Coronavirus is not a disease of natural origins, gee whiz.  According to the rag sheet placed on our car at Walmart on Sunday, it was sprayed on us by high flying crafts and was done by either the Chinese or, wait for it, aliens in UFO's!  Well, boy howdy, how 'bout that. " 

Why were we subjected to that type of conspiracy theory garbage at Walmart? or any place else!  I truly do not understand how supposedly adult, educated people could support such a theory that could cause someone to NOT take the necessary precautions to keep themselves healthy and further pushes people away from believing in science, medical research and the medical professionals in our country.  This screed was a divisive and foolish act which could have very harmful effects on our fellow citizens. 

Please, stop this!