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A place for updates on the pandemic.

Wear a mask everyone!

Banner Photo: Chairman Ramon Valazez, left, and Clerk of the Board Julie Castaneda listen to seven people who spoke before the emergency meeting on Dec. 4, 2020. 


Remember to check in with family and friends you have lost touch with during the pandemic

With all of the strain the pandemic has created in our relationships with family, loved ones, and friends, I just thought I would remind everyone in the community to reach out to people you have lost contact with and say hello. Here is an interesting article from earlier in the pandemic about staying connected to friends and family while practicing social distancing.

Is there a family member or friend you were close to that you have lost contact with because of the pandemic?

Share your thoughts below. 


The vaccination rate in Pima County

About 65 percent of the vaccine-eligible population in Pima County have been fully vaccinated, 2.5 percent more than the national average.

While it's good news that the vaccination numbers in the county are higher than the national average, the slow daily growth rate of 0.1 to 0.2 percent has Pima County Health Department Director Dr. Theresa Cullen concerned.

For more information, read this article by Mary Glen Hatcher.

To get information on anything related to coronavirus, be sure to tune in to our COVID-19 Town Hall featuring Pima County Health Department Director Dr. Theresa Cullen this Wednesday at noon on NABUR,, and Facebook. 

You can submit your questions for Dr. Cullen below or send them to editor Dan Shearer at: Please put "Town Hall" in the subject line.

What can be done to speed up Pima County's vaccination rate, or are we at a point where very little can be done to encourage people who haven't to get vaccinated?

Share your thoughts below.


People in need of medical care are paying the price because of the unvaccinated

This week, two non-COVID patients at Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital had to deal with the harsh reality of losing out on medical attention because local hospital beds and resources are being overwhelmed by COVID patients - a vast majority of them are unvaccinated. 

One man's life was saved by an emergency room doctor and a gastroenterologist from another hospital willing to make the drive to Green Valley. Somebody else has been waiting weeks for open-heart surgery because hospitals are full of COVID patients.

For more information, read  this article by Dan Shearer.

Are you unvaccinated or do you know someone who is? 

Share your thoughts below.


Pima County prepares to deliver additional vaccine shots

According to Pima County Health Department  Director Dr. Theresa Cullen, most Americans will be eligible to receive a third vaccine dose eight months after being fully immunized, beginning Sept. 20.

The Pima County Health Department recommends that people with compromised immune systems that have already had two shots of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines get a third booster shot at any time. 

Dr. Cullen expects a recommendation for those who received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the next four to six weeks.

For more information, read this article by Mary Glen Hatcher.

To find vaccine providers in your area go here:

NABUR is hosting a COVID-19 Town Hall with Dr. Theresa Cullen as our guest on Sept. 15.

Do you have any questions for Dr. Cullen about the third-dose rollout or anything related to coronavirus? Post your questions below or send your questions to editor Dan Shearer at: Please put "Town Hall" in the subject line.