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Your place to ask questions about the best plants to put in your backyard, how to save water and how to grow your garden!


Profile photo: Cactus flowers bloom. Photo by Francoise Hradsky

Banner photo: A colorful mix of Texas Rangers, tall grass, a pair of Saguaros, Bird of Paradise in the Santa Cruz Valley.

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Colorful plants for cooler temperatures

Are you looking for something colorful and low-maintenance to plant in your garden or yard?

University of Arizona Master Gardener Mary Kidnocker describes the distinctive, colorful cacti and foliage that grow in the area during the cooler months and year-round, including the native Santa Rita Prickly Pear.

Here are some additional photographs and information on the Santa Rita Prickly Pear.

Visit the Green Valley Gardeners at Desert Meadows Park if you are interested in adding some color to your yard.

Do you have any colorful plants growing in your yard this season?

Share your photos below.


Unique plants and shrubs that thrive here

Autumn is the perfect time to add some variety to your home garden.

University of Arizona Master Gardener Mary Kidnocker details some of the lesser-known plants and shrubs that grow in the area on display at The Arid Garden in Desert Hills.

A volunteer can show you around The Arid Garden, located off Camino Encanto, any Friday morning. 

Here are some October gardening tips from Kidnocker in a previous story from 2016.

What have you planted this Autumn?

Let us know in the comment section below.


the fungus is killing my nice cucumber plants. HELP!


In the weeds


How is your yard work coming along? I pulled most of the weeds in my yard a couple weeks ago but I have more work to do this weekend. 

Have you noticed the abundance of weeds in the area caused by this year's active monsoon season? 

Before you pull them or shred them with the weed wacker, you might want to see if they are edible, or at least know a little more about them and how to get rid of them. For more information on some of the weeds in the area, and the best ways to get rid of them, read this article by Mary Kidnocker.

How do you go about getting rid of the weeds in your yard, and have you ever tried to eat the edible ones?

Post your comments below.