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Differing viewpoints can help good decision making!

Where did you find all of those hydrants?
Where did you find all of those hydrants?

The Friends of GVR may have different viewpoints on some issues, but are committed to ethical leadership, providing exceptional recreation at an affordable cost, and working together with both the Board and community.

                                               GVR is a Treasure worth Preserving

A vote for Connie Griffin, Nina Campfield, and Ted Boyett is a vote for experience and integrity. They will preserve that treasure.


Rosemont mine - moving ahead (but backwards at the same time, IMHO)

Rosemont mine is moving ahead with test-drilling on Peach Hill, which faces Imerys Marble mine  (the huge white area in the Santa Rita's). Reportedly, the time line of test blasts has coincided with underground fissures closing off a few private water wells, and of the around 2 dozen private parcels/homes, Hudbay (parent company of Rosemont) has purchased 16-17 of those properties. Be prepared for more  grinding up of natural areas and huge tailing piles and increased traffic of heavy trucks turning onto Sahuarita Road. So long birding, wildlife watching, hiking, and easily-accessible deer hunting (in that part of the Santa Rita's) and cool, clear, clean desert waters of the natural was nice knowing ya!