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What's happening in your community? Read what the Green Valley News and Sahuarita Sun reporters have been working on, or share what you see happening around town! 


Profile Photo: Jann Richardson of Green Valley holds a Green Valley news paper in Costa Rica in ziplining gear.

Banner Photo: Pima County Sheriff's deputies respond to a house call. Photo by Bobby Joe Smith



We reported in today’s (free) newsletter (you can subscribe here) about a scam involving fake violin players panhandling in parking lots across the nation. I heard they were at Sprouts in Sahuarita on Tuesday but they’d packed up by the time I arrived.

After the newsletter came out today, somebody visiting Safeway on Duval Mine Road sent a photo — “They’re here now!” I headed over and took a photo of this couple — he “playing” the violin, she holding the obligatory woe-is-me sign. They had at least two kids in the van.

Then I proceeded to tell people who were approaching to give them donations that this is a scam. He’s not really playing the violin (nice recording though) and it’s just a way for lazy people to tug at heartstrings and sneak off with some tax-free cash.

I then approached and told the guy that I knew he wasn’t playing the violin and asked, “Why are you lying to people?” His response surprised me: “Italiano. No English.”

I spoke to him in perfectly passable Spanish, which I think startled him, but still got a blank stare. Play dumb — great way to avoid responsibility. Except the language-barrier ruse is just another lie and I told him so. I also said (in two languages) that I was staying there until they left, then proceeded to wave off more grateful people, pointing them to the nearby Salvation Army red kettle if they wanted to give and keep... (More)


Airbnbing in Green Valley and Sahuarita

Hey Naburs, 

I’m looking for people who rent out their home/property on Airbnb in the area. I’m writing about what the process is like to start on Airbnb, what regulations are in place from both HOAs and Airbnb, how winter visitors factor into business, etc. 

If you Airbnb your home in Green Valley or Sahuarita, or if you stay in local Airbnbs when you come here, please email me at I’d love to talk to you. 



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County Supervisors set to begin redistricting

The Pima County Board of Supervisors will begin the process of redrawing its five districts next week.

Reporter Mary Glen Hatcher explains the redistricting process, describes the possible implications of redistricting for Green Valley and Sahuarita and details the options to satisfy redistricting requirements.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The meeting will be held virtually and livestreamed on Pima County’s Facebook page at

How do you feel about the county redrawing the districts that represent Green Valley and Sahuarita?


Caution: Road Work (Updates) Ahead

The Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee met today and discussed road work being done in the Green Valley area. Here are the highlights:

  • All Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramp construction was completed last week. A total of 70 ramps were installed in the area. Pima County Department of Transportation (PCDOT) is working to secure contracts and start dates for the mill-and-fill portions of those roads impacted by  ramp construction.
  • Bids for all mill-and-fill contracts for roads not affected by ADA ramp construction are out now, and due back on Dec. 2. These roads include Helmet Peak Rd, Mission Twin Buttes, Desert Ridge, Elephant Head Rd, Dove Way, as well as roads in Acres II/Foothills II area, Camino de la Canoa and adjoining neighborhoods. 
  • And a new addition: Fog sealing on the way for La Canada (from Esperanza to just shy of N La Canada and Calle de las Tiendas, and also La Canada from Continental to Mission Twin Buttes). Fog seals are light applications of a slow setting asphalt emulsion used to renew aged asphalt surfaces and seal small cracks.

Thanks to @Tom Berezny for passing the info along. And if you want to learn more about ADA ramps, check out this story from a few weeks ago. Safe driving!