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We love our furry, scaly or feathered friends! This group is where you can post lost/found pets, see what pets are up for adoption and post photos of you and your animals! 

Profile Photo: James from the Animal League of Green Valley awaits a new home.

Banner Photo: Peggy Rushford has been fostering dogs for more than 20 years, the last 11 for The Animal League of Green Valley. With her are, from left, Sparky, Maggie, Prince and Charlie. Photo by Kim Smith.

Want your pet to be in the banner or profile photo? Post below and let us know!



Has your pet ever saved you before? (Reply to be featured in our upcoming pets magazine!)

We recently published a story about Ivy Jakel, who caused a stir 17 years ago as an 11-year-old when she grabbed her pet dog and pet chicken and left home. She said her dog, Varmint, helped keep coyotes at bay as she spent the night outside in the desert. 

While you might not have a story as crazy as that, we want to know, has your pet ever saved your life? It could be from a physical danger (like coyotes) or from emotional harm. 


Found Dog - Middle-aged Female Boxer

Was found in the parking lot of the Safeway on Duval Mine Road at approximately 8 AM Friday, April 16. No collar, tags or microchip. If this is your dog, or you know who her owner is, please contact The Animal League of Green Valley @ (520) 626-3170 and ask about “Delilah”.


Looking for animal foster stories

Hello Naburs, 

I'm working on a story about fostering pets and, along with speaking to our local animal rescues, I'm looking for some people in the community who have fostered or currently foster animals. I'm hoping to find someone who fosters through Animal League or Paws Patrol, but if you are fostering animals from another shelter or rescue in Pima County and live here in Green Valley or Sahuarita, I'd still be interested in talking to you. 

Ideally, I'd love to find someone who fostered and ended up adopting their foster animal, but I'm also happy to talk to new fosters and people who have been fostering a long time.

I want to hear your story. What's it take to do it, what are the challenges and joys, why you do it, etc.? 

If that's you and you want to share your story, please contact me. You can message me here, email me at or call me at the office at 520-547-9728 so we can set up a time for an interview.

Thanks! I'm an animal lover and am comfortable around any size or type of animal.