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Profile Photo: A woman holds a "Vote" sign at the Women's March on Oct. 17, 2020 at Esperanza Boulevard and La Canada Drive.

Banner Photo: Democrats took to Esperanza Boulevard and La Canada Drive to celebrate Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election. 


On “recorder.Pima.gov15” it says, “any county vote center location”

Guess I will just drive around and look for signs….


Live Primary Election Coverage: What's happening in Green Valley and Sahuarita?

Welcome to our Primary Election Day coverage thread. 

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Kyrsten Sinema

It's inconceivable to me I voted for a person who supports allowing Trumplicans to rig elections for decades to come. I voted for a person who thinks minorities don't deserve the right to vote. I voted for a person who thinks it will be wonderful for Trumplicans to throw out Democratic votes right and left until the Trumplicans have won the election. I voted for a person who said she was a Democrat, but she's really a fervent supporter of Donald Trump. Has he invited her down to Mar-a-Lago yet? When he does, will she kiss his ring? She really should resign from the Democratic Party. She is not a Democrat. She is some other kind of creature that's riding the fence until Trump takes over again. She will be remembered as an important factor in Trump's 2024 victory. Hopefully, he will reward her handsomely. Maybe he will put her in charge of locking up children in cages at the border. That job would suit her perfectly and she would enjoy it immensely, I'm sure. Or maybe she'll just run for Senate again in 2026 as a Trumplican. She'll be sure to win because she has guaranteed the Republican Houses of Representatives all over the country will have complete control over election results. In fact, I think her actions made it certain that, in many states, no Democrat will ever be elected again in her lifetime. High five, Kyrsten! Thanks to you, we're much closer to having a country that's... (More)


The end of democracy

(Originally posted on January 31, 2021)
If anyone is undecided about whether or not Republicans are anti-democratic and prefer one-party rule (a dictatorship), they should read what Arizona Republicans are planning to do: discount the votes of Arizona residents so the Republican legislature can decide who wins and who loses. Hard to believe, but it's true.