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Hi There! This is your platform tech support. Please let us know if you have any questions:


Green Valley Sheriff's Auxiliary

First, a shout-out to the two GV Sheriff Auxiliary volunteers who pushed a Land Rover out of the intersection of Continental and W. Frontage Road. That was a great help to all of the motorists.  Second, those GVSAV members seems to spend a whole lot of time helping w/ car accidents that wouldn't have to happen if drivers actually paid attention to what was around them and followed the rules for safe driving!  Just my opinion

P. Hoover 


If you are unable to attend the groups listed, we have availability to offer other groups for individuals, families and organizations in person or virtually.

Rocky BaierStaff Member
Journalist Product Manager

Introducing NABUR Rewards!

Hello NABURs! I am so excited to unveil our new NABUR Rewards program.

From now until the end of May, every post, comment or contribution you make on NABUR will earn you points towards a free, limited-edition NABUR T-shirt!

Earn 10 points for every post or question, 5 points for every reply and 1 point per vote on a poll. We also want to encourage you to make quality contributions, because every like you receive will also earn a point! 

If you're on a computer, you can check your score on the right sidebar over "Your Rewards  Points." If you're on a phone, you can see your score in your profile under your name. NABUR is a collaboration, not a competition, so your score will only be visible to you.

Earn 50 points in the month of May to receive a NABUR shirt!

Once you earn 50 points, we will send you instructions on how to redeem your NABUR shirt. Please wait 3-5 days for processing. Good luck!


Rocky BaierStaff Member
Journalist Product Manager

New groups to join and a question

Hey everyone! How have you been enjoying the new site? I wanted to notify people of a few new groups that have been added to the site: 

  • Astronomy: For all you lovers of the night sky, we have a new astronomy group to discuss stargazing, what's happening at the local observatories, and anything related to dark skies. Local astrophotographer @Burley J. Packwood  is in that group, so let him know if you have any questions about how he got the amazing photographs featured in the banner and profile images for the group! You can find that group here
  • Pets: I saw a few posts from The Animal League of Green Valley posting about lost and found pets! Here is a group you can put all of those photos in. Eventually we will add photos of local pets up for adoption. Also, we want to see your fur babies! Share your pets being goofballs here. 
  • Love Local: Previously named "Business," this group is where you can connect to local businesses and see how they're doing. COVID has impacted some of them heavily, so this is a place to support them through this time. If you're a business owner, pop in and say hello!

Here's my question: How easy is it for you to join new groups? Would you like us to automatically add you to new groups so you can go in and remove yourself if you want?

Thanks everyone!

To find the tutorial video, you can click here.