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Facebook outage

If you have been trying to access Facebook today or its other products (Instagram and WhatsApp) with no success, you aren't alone. 

The social media platform is experiencing an outage. 

Facebook has not commented on the cause of the outage yet, but acknowledged it. 

I personally don't mind it being down. I was going to take a look at some of my regular groups and pages to see if there's anything interesting to put in our daily newsletter or to look into for potential stories, but I can do those things without the help of Facebook just fine. 

How about you? If there's a social media outage does it impact your work? Do you notice at all? Does it bother you?


Today is National Password Day!

It can be hard to write down passwords and remember long phrases, but it helps to keep your info safe! To "celebrate" National Password Day, here are some tips to better secure your accounts:

  • Update an old password and make it stronger
  • Turn on two-factor authentication for important accounts (Google does this, and so does Facebook, for example)
  • Password protect your wireless router
  • Log off when you're done with a program

A cool tool to see how strong your password is, which lets you see how long a computer would take to crack your password. 

How many years would it take to crack your passwords? My password would take 15 billion years to crack! 


It's better to adapt to Climate Change (This has been flagged as misinformation, see comment)

The rush to reduce carbon emissions is not justified. Our weather is cyclical and the earth's history shows many high and low weather patterns. There is no evidence that man is causing the earth's warming - or cooling !. The change from fossil fuel energy will be devastating to our economy. Fossil fuels create many more benefits beyond energy. A carbon tax will hurt low income residents the most. Let's spend our efforts and treasure learning to live with inevitable climate change.  Models are not DATA.   The models continue to vary wildly hot while the actuall temps remain at modest levels.  See attached latest climate model runs from University of Alabama, Huntsville.