After today’s GVR Candidate Q & A forum I was reminded of an analogy I developed to help me understand how GVR was and constructed and operates:

                                                          Analogy of the Body to Explain GVR

GVR is its members, past, present, future, and staff in addition to its facilities and programs.  The whole of this is its body.

Members set up the “corporation” to provide for their wants and needs. They control it through their vote for Directors, Bylaws, and specific funding issues as outlined in the Bylaws.

GVR Board and CEO are the brain receiving their authority from the Corporation.  

Staff is the heart, blood vessels, nerves and muscles that makes movement possible.

Corporation directs the Board to make policy and hire the CEO who directs operations through staff.

Members enjoy leisure, recreation, games, social, and cultural activities because of the whole of the body.