Someone came into the Green Valley News office today and asked about a blinking star or planet that changes color in the eastern night sky. I was asked by Kevin Murphy to reply to NABUR. I asked Kevin if the person knew what time of night they saw this and whether it moved. He replied he didn’t believe what the person saw was moving. This helps some, but it would also be very helpful to know when he saw it. The only thing I can think of that truly blinks in the night sky is an airplane. If a plane is flying towards an observer, it can blink yet appear motionless. Also, although satellites don’t blink, they sometimes rotate slowly, changing from bright to virtually invisible objects, then back to bright again. And, they don’t remain motionless. I happened to be awake at 5:00 this morning and I knew that at that time Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn were in a row in the eastern sky. I looked at them both with my naked eye and with binoculars. Since Venus and Jupiter are very bright, they appeared to “twinkle” because of normal atmospheric disturbance, especially through binoculars. Bright objects like planets or very bright stars can appear to momentarily change color for the same reason. Not knowing when the person saw his “blinking star or planet” I can’t say what the object was. If it was early morning, I’d guess it was Venus. Hope this helps.