I groaned after reading Mark Hinman's Sept. 18 letter, then did a little quick research to confirm things. First of all, Juan Ciscomani's ad doesn't say he'll vote to "remove" Nancy Pelosi. It says he'll vote to "replace" her. A different word which makes a big difference since assuming Ms. Pelosi makes good on her pledge to step down after the 2022 election, she will be "replaced" and the vote will be to "replace" her. Then, it gets better. Mark claims that, if the Democrats retain control of the House, Mr. Ciscomani would not even be allowed to vote. Uh, that's not how it works, Mark. If you'd done the 2 minutes of research I did, you'd learn that Kevin McCarthy got over 200 votes in 2021 for the position of... wait for it... Speaker of the House. Those votes came from Republicans who, while not in control of the House, were still allowed a vote. We're all entitled to our opinions. But, not our own facts.

-Stephen Kindred

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