Rancho Sahuarita resident Alisha Parillo had multiple life milestones in 2020.

Alisha got married, gave birth to her first child and bought her first home. None of those moments looked quite like she imagined they would, but she said the year brought her many joys.

Alisha and her husband, Peter, got engaged in 2018 on a beach in San Diego. They had plans for a large wedding in November 2020, but the pandemic pushed it back.

“It was a wedding with more than 200 guests and it was obviously not ideal to do that, so we were going to postpone it to next year sometime,” she said. “Well, I was really looking forward to it and we both decided that a pandemic can stop a lot of things but not our love and commitment to each other. We downsized the wedding from 200 guests to just our very closest family and friends.”

They had a smaller outdoor wedding in August.

“Everyone was able to maintain distance if they wanted,” she said. “It was small, intimate and actually a lot more fun.”

Alisha and Peter also had their son, Luca, earlier this year and she said having a baby during a pandemic wasn't easy. Peter was not allowed in to any appointments, and induction day was his first time being involved in the medical side of things.

“It was very strict at the beginning of all of this. No FaceTime, photos, no phones,” she said. “It’s his first child and he couldn’t see his face on the ultrasound, couldn’t go hear his heartbeat. He wasn’t allowed to do anything really. It was really hard for me to be at the appointments by myself since Peter is my rock and those pregnancy hormones are no joke.”

She had a C-section, and Peter got to hold Luca as Alisha rested.

“He brought so much joy and happiness in 2020 despite the circumstances to get there,” she said of her son. “Luca is a little firecracker. This kid crawls around like nobody’s business."

The pair also bought their first home in Rancho Sahuarita, gaining a new community for their growing family.

“It feels so good to own a home,” she said. “I love Rancho, I love the community, I love seeing children running around and playing with each other. It fills me up with so much joy knowing we chose an amazing place where we can raise our babies and they’ll have plenty of friends.”

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