I'm encouraging all members of the GVR to vote for the following candidates, Austin, Crothers, Garneau and Hilyer. We need a board that has a Members first mentality. There is no way there should have been a dues increase this yr. when operating costs should have dropped significantly due to all the facility closures. I feel we need better fiscal responsibility and accountability where members pocketbooks are given first priority not pet projects and irresponsible  spending. We paid for a $65 guest pass and were never allowed to use it. I've inquired several times about it but instead of compensating us for the loss by lowering the yearly dues they slap us in the face with another dues increase. I also don't believe the current board should have upped the employee wages to $15.00 hr. minimum wage without being allowed to vote on it. Whoever the board members end up to be, I hope they will keep in mind that the membership is not an unlimited source of income to be taken for granted and spent recklessly.

Thanks, Mark Richie.