Hi Nabur! 

My name is Lillian Boyd and I’m the new reporter/assistant editor for Green Valley News & Sahuarita Sun. I’ve been here about a month after moving to Tucson from Orange County, CA–where I was born and raised. Since college, I’ve spent some time living in Washington DC and southern Virginia, working in radio and print journalism. My favorite issue to report on, in general, is decision making. What circumstances, personalities, grudges, agreements, data or anecdotes went into a policy? How will that impact a community? 

Aside from journalism, I roller skate, run, play tennis and hike in my spare time. I’m loving all the local hikes I’ve done so far, but don’t hesitate to send me more trail suggestions! 

Stay tuned for my “Five Minutes with the Newsroom” chat to learn a little bit more about me. I’m looking forward to learning more about Sahuarita and Green Valley. Feel free to reach out!