March 25, 2022


Open Letter to the

GVR Board of Directors


The election is over, and the members have made their choice.  With this choice comes a tremendous responsibility.  That responsibility is to find a way to work together for the betterment of GVR.


The newly elected Directors and those who are returning for another year need to find a way to dispel the fact that for the past years the GVR Board was very dysfunctional. Put your differences aside. Become magnanimous and not hold on to the past grievances.


Now is the time for a fresh start so that you all can be inclusive rather than exclusive.  Look for common ground from which to build on the ideas that continue to make GVR and Green Valley a wonderful place to live, enjoy and play.


I implore you all to reach out with an extended hand so that you each can learn what talents you bring to the table.  The next few months is a time to rebuild, work together and do not make any big decisions.  Give yourselves and the members at large a chance to learn of your ideas, concerns, and challenges.  Start to focus on yourselves rather than the details of the CEO’s job. Allow the CEO to lead. Ask the membership for help.  Work hard to make all committees as diverse as possible.  We all have something to say so let us speak up.


It is my fervent wish that GVR will see a Board that works together under a professional governing system such as Policy Governance for the betterment of GVR now and the future.


Eric Sullwold