The Ken Burns/PBS series “The U.S. and the Holocaust” shows the deep fear of Jews and immigrants in the U.S. The fear, hatred and lies about those who are not “like us” has come back to America in the form of many groups that recruit members online. The Southern Poverty Law Center identified 733 hate groups in 2021. Wikipedia says there are 38,000 Oath Keepers. NBC reported QAnon groups have millions of members including Arizona politicians. The online publication Arizona Mirror lists Mary Ann Mendoza, Lis Harris, David Farnsworth and Justine Wadsack as sharing the QAnon slogan on social media. ABC News reports Republican Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem “continues to espouse the ‘big Lie,’” and won’t say if he will accept the vote count of an election. Finchem appeared on a number of QAnon talk shows and spoke at their conferences. Kari Lake appeared on the “InTheMatrix” QAnon show. We are much closer to what Germany was in the 1930s than we are to Ronald Reagan’s “Shiny City on a Hill.” Please watch the series.

-Ray Omdahl

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