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Kevin MurphyStaff Member
Journalist Product Manager
Asked a question 4 months ago

How would you like to see the building of the former Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital used?

Parker Mattox
It needs to continue as a health & medical facility…much needed in this community.
Linda Ruth Hornyan
A hospital.
Donna J Higgons
I agree with John Fanning but if that's not an alternative how about mixed housing with a percentage of low rent options as well as the amenities described in an earlier article? Small businesses, affordable basic grocery/deli or good faster food like Subway) (please no McD-like establishments) as well as a high-end restaurant.
Dorothy Harjer
Must stay as a hospital/heath center with Tucson Medical Center running the "show"
Leo Stadnik
A hospital that is purchased by the Mayo Clinic
Joan Powell
My 1st choice would be a hospital! Or at least a quality emergency room.
Rhonda Savoy
I feel the building was built as a hospital and should remain a hospital. Think of the costs to change it all around to something else. A major player like Banner, Northwest or TMC should acquire it and not have to assume the millions of debt from the current owner, Lateral Investment Management in California. Good docs and nurses need to be attracted back to the area too. One obstacle may be there is only one way to get to that hospital. In the future, although costly, another road from the northeast should be considered too. It’s a shame that building now sit idle due to rotating CEOs and bad management.
Blackmore and Lathi
It definitely needs to remain a medical facility. An Emergency clinic or Veterans Dept outpost would probably be best serving the community.
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